Earthquakes and Historic Preservation

On June 9, 2014 by ltadmin

The South Napa earthquake reminded us that, yes, we live in California and so will continue to experience earthquakes.  As a Native Californian, I have experienced many, but this is the first one from my 1889 Victorian.  Its gives one somewhat of a different perspective.  The house lived through the 1906 earthquake, but that is no guarantee it will continue to do so well.  What are historic building owners and advocates of a community’s historic resources to do when their own properties are affected by an earthquake and those around them?  I think it is important to remember that a “red tag” is not a notice of demolition or a requirement to demolish.  After the earthquake is the time for a careful assessment of the building to protect the public welfare and the building itself from unnecessary further damage of its significant historic features. A lot of very good information is available on-line about this subject.  The California Office of Historic Preservation’s website includes a “Disasters & Historic Resources” page and a section on “What To Do After Disaster Strikes”  I hope for the recovery of the historic fabric and economic vitality of those recently damaged areas in Napa and Vallejo.